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Self Drive Minibus Hire

Cheap minibus hire services are available in Cambridge via the many minibus hire companies in the city. However, Minibus Hire Cambridge provides these affordable services and, at the same time, allows the customers to choose from a number of options. Of course there is our minibuses who come with drivers, which would be ideal for those who are coming to Cambridge for the first time. But what makes us stand out is the fact that we also offer excellent self drive minibus hire service. Sure, there are a number of companies who also offer it, but ours, by far, is the best.

We know that there are customers who prefer to make their own way during a trip. It adds to the fun if they are the one at the helm or, in this case, at the wheel. People who also come to Cambridge on business also prefer to have their privacy, which makes the self drive minibus hire service even more ideal. If sensitive issues or topics are going to be tackled within the group, they would not appreciate having a driver – who is a stranger, really – listening in. There are also those who want to spend the trip with the members of their group, without anyone else. We only ask that you appoint a competent and qualified driver to drive our minibuses if you wish to avail of our self drive minibus hire service. Knowing his way around Cambridge would be a definite plus, but if he has superior navigating skills, we see no reason why we couldn't trust him with our minibus.

Our self drive minibus hire service, just like our other minibus hire services, only makes use of the best vehicles. We see to it that they are in excellent operating condition, so we invest a lot of time, effort and money in their maintenance. We have in our employ only highly qualified and skilled engineers and technicians who regularly inspect our vehicles with a fine-toothed comb. Nothing escapes their notice, not even a broken lock or a crooked hook. The engines are inspected thoroughly to make sure they won't fall victim to failures or breakdowns. We refuse to clear a minibus from our workshop if there is still a flaw or a defect that is not fixed.

You could actually say that our self drive minibuses are akin to luxury minibuses for all the enhancements and modifications installed on them. They have sliding roofs, which will come in handy if you want to have a clearer view of the city while the minibus is cruising the streets. You will also be impressed by the entertainment systems on board, ensuring that you will never have a dull moment inside. Refreshments are provided by way of the integrated drink coolers and the seats are so comfortable that you would have a difficult time leaving them. But those aren't the only modifications on our minibuses. If you give us a call, we will happily let you know about all the others.

The best service would never be achieved if the customers do not get the best value for their money. We want you to get the best service from us, which is why we have put all the things we have learned through our many years in the business to efficiently deliver these services. We have successfully managed to keep our costs down, and this means you also do not have to pay an exorbitant fee for any of our services.

Our many years experience in this sector of transportation solutions has also brought us closer to other service providers. We are very willing to use these business relationships to lead you to the best deals in town, especially if you are on a tight budget. Hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants... you name it, we will direct you to it.

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